Port Forwarding Wizard • Why you need?

Why you need Port Forwarding Wizard


1.When you try to access some remote computer, maybe this computer located in a LAN that you can't directly access or this computer are configured to deny your computer's ip address. Under this situation, maybe you need to go through a lots of computer to finally access the destination and the computers you must go through maybe run Windows, Solaris or Linux system. It will bother you so much. Now, you can deploy Port Forwarding Wizard software on those computers, no matter those computers' system. After this, you can directly access your destination easily and enjoy this powerful port forwarder.

2.Access some service behind firewall and mapping your service from a low port number to a high port number.

3.Automatically manage your router's nat port forwarding.

4.Let all of your computers can surf internet by the same internet connection.

5.turn non-SSL aware software into safely software by ssl tunnel technology.


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