Our Typical Clientts


Client from Elbit Systems says:

"Simple and very much fine product. does the job."

Pros: We really liked the ability to easily perform the port forwarding and configure it with very little

experience in this field. the interface is very comfortable. fast and professional support.

Summary: first of all - the product is really easy to use.
this can suit to any small / large scale of companies and even to the home user in some cases.
you can get a functional, helpful interface and a cool gadget of the current activity and data.
personally i can say that the service / support was extremely professional and fast. they took care of a

specific problem we had with one of the port forwarding tasks we neded in our organization.


Client from DBAdirect says:

"Excellent Product... Great Support"

Pros: Great Support. Had some issues early on and they were very responsive and helped me through them. Can handle very large enterprise level loads.

Summary: I would suggest this product to anyone. It does a great job especially on the smart routing based on source IP which is our primary use. A very specialized task. We make 100s of connections a minute and it handles it with ease. The support is also very responsive.