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DVR Port Forwarding

Online DVR/Camera Port Forwarding Service 2.0: It is a very powerful online solution for DVR/CCTV remote viewing without port forwarding setting in router. Support both Windows and Mac OSX platforms. For the scenario that you can not config router to add port forwarding, or your ISP block your port, or router port forwarding just does not work for your DVR/CCTV remote viewing, our service is the right solution that you are looking for. By using our service, you can just easily remote view your DVR/CCTV even without port forwarding.


DVR Port Forwarding

dvr Port Forwarding

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Below image is the main gui of DVR/Camera port Forwarding client. The client tool will run on your local computer. The tool will connect to our online port forwarding service to let you remotely view your DVR or CCTV.


DVR Port Forwarding

DVR/Camera IP is the IP address of your DVR or Camera.

Web Port is the port to show web interface of your DVR or Camera. You can refer to the setting of your DVR or Camera, then put the port here.

Media Port is the port to transfer video data. So you can remotely view your DVR or Camera. You can get the port in your license email when you take a trial or buy it. At the same time, please config your DVR or Camera to adjust the video port setting to this value too.


DVR Port Forwarding


You can click "Account" button on gui, then input your email address to get a trial license email. Then you will find "User ID", "License code" and "Media Port" info in the email.

Then you can just click "Start" button on gui to let it connect to our online DVR/Camera port forwarding service.

After all this, you can launch your web browser and visit to view your DVR or Camera.

The web browser will prompt you to input user name and password. Input "User ID" as user name and "License code" as password from license email. Then you will see your web interface of your DVR or Camera now.

If you want to see your DVR with some App and don't need to check the web page of your DVR, then you can just input and media port into the App. For example, your media port is 2002. Then you can just input as IP address and 8888 as the port into your App. If your App need user id and password to login your DVR, you can just input your DVR's user id and password there.


DVR Port Forwarding


Please make sure you allow web browser to load the ActiveX control of your DVR or Camera here. Then input your DVR or Camera password, you will remote view your CCTV now.


DVR Port Forwarding


So this is the way easily remote view your DVR/CCTV without router port forwarding setting.


DVR Port Forwarding



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