Port Forwarding Wizard • Key Features

Key Features

1.Infinitely port forwarding until the destination ip address is achieved.

2.Easy to use.

3.Windows,Solaris and Linux are all supported.

4.Forwards any TCP/UDP protocol. For example: HTTP, SMTP, POP, TELNET, NETBIOS and SSL.

5.Easy access services behind firewall.

6.Mapping service's low port number to a high port number.

7.Limit count of of connections of port forwarding.

8.Log protocol data that go through this software into log file. This is a great helper to debug or learn network protocol.

9.Tool of resolve web site to ip address.

10.IP strategy to define what ip address can access Port Forwarding Wizard.

11.Automatically fetch, delete or add your router's port mapping.

12.Setting port range when add a port mapping.

13.Automatically start port mapping when computer power on or Port Forwarding Wizard start.

14.Integrating with an often used ports list.

15.Monitor tool let you know which ip has already connected with Port Forwarding Wizard.

16.Integrated with http proxy function to let your computers share the same internet connection to surf internet.

17.Port forwarding Tester let you know if router has already opened the port you want and easily check port forwarding.

18.Tool for checking your computer's local ip address and external ip address.

19.Functionality of connect upstream http proxy to surf internet.

20.Notify when port forwarding setting of your router has been changed.

21.Flash tray icon to let you know network data is travelling through your port forwarding.

22.SSL tunnel or SSL port forwarding in Pro version.

23.Run as a service for Windows Platform.

24.Voice notify when illegal ip address connect in.

25.Tool of CA Center help you create trusted certificate for ssl connection.

26.Web-Based interface integrated with professional version.

27.The top float window show current traffic of Port Forwarding Wizard.

28.Function of port trigger is integrated with Port Forwarding Wizard.

29.Command line tool of port forwarding in Pro version can be easily integrated with your software.

30.Smart route strategies in Enterprise version. Including route based on incoming ip address, route based on round-robin and route based on content.

31.Integrated online public port forwarding function.



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