Article about port forwarding and reverse tunnel

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6.Mini Http Proxy

Port Forwarding Wizard integrated with http proxy function. For example, you have two computers A, B and just computer A can access internet. In this case, you can deploy Port Forwarding Wizard on computer A and when you add port forwarding entry into Port Forwarding Wizard, make sure you choose the option "Run as Http Proxy". Then when you start the port forwarding entry, actually you already have a mini http proxy. It is very easy to setup. For example, computer A ip address is and the listen port of port forwarding entry you have already configured is 1234. Then you can open your web browser on computer B and set the proxy is, then you are done. Now your two computers can access internet at the same time.


7.Port forwarding software to support port forwarding with router, port forwarding without router, port trigger or port triggering at the same time

Port Forwarding Wizard & Pro version is the first software in the market to support port forwarding with router, port forwarding without router and port trigger at the same time. Our software will give one-stop solution for port forwarding.


8.Smart port forwarding strategy based on content

Port forwarding based on content is the new strategy added into Pro version. The strategy support TCP/UDP protocol. This is very useful when you want to distribute port forwarding based on the content in the network packet.

For example, you have two destinations and and you want to port forwarding to if the network packet contain content "aaa", port forwarding to if contain content "bbb". Then you can implement this by using this strategy.